Life After Death

My thoughts on what happens after your time is up.

This is not a religious post, nor intends to explain heaven, hell, or any other incarnation that religion imposes. Instead, this is a theory that I have personally never seen documented before, and it is solely my own beliefs until proven otherwise. I think of this as scientifically optimistic.

Death is a funny thing. It’s a terrible topic of conversation, and even worse when you have it shoved in your face unexpectedly.  Unfortunately we all have to deal with it at some point, whether it is a loved one, extended family, friends, pet turtle, in the news, or other. It never is easy, goes as planned, or unfolds the way you expect it to. It’s one of those things that you can plan for all you want, but until it happens you have no clue what the reality actually is.

My theory on death tries to make a bleak outlook a little more brighter, literally.

I start my theory off with a simple fact, that all humans are made up of atoms. I think we can all agree that we’ve got cells, molecules, and atoms that are the building blocks of whatever we call life. These atoms radiate energies at very specific frequencies, often known as “oscillation.” This fundamental movement is inherent in all of us happening all the time.

The next building block that I assert is the concept of potential energy. Here, the human body itself is the store of the potential energy. We’ve got chemical reactions, fat cells, and tons of various “actions” all happening inside of us at the ready. While we are essentially constantly in motion, we are harbor a huge amount of potential energy that is waiting to be released.

These two building blocks help us explain what happens when death actually occurs.

Let’s take time zero: A loved one has just passed away and all hell as broken loose. It’s chaos inside your head, chaos within everyone else, and chaos trying to get their matters in order so that you can go back to what you think is “normal.” As a realist, it will never return to normal, but we can try to pretend it will be.

Your loved one’s energy needs to go somewhere. That potential energy is built up and was previously contained inside their body and as a natural process. With their death, that energy begins to disperse. In this context, that potential energy begins to radiate (thanks to our atoms vibrating) like a wave out from the point of death. I think of this like when a sound travels through air. At that single point where the noise is created, it vibrates atoms that begin to bang into each other, and subsequently bang into others, continuing forever until the sound trails off into nothing.

This same sound is my potential energy wave. A wave that radiates outward from the body (perhaps not all at once, but over time) as a once conscious mind fades into darkness. Like a loud BANG, the person’s energy radiates outward at the time when they can no longer contain it, and their bodily processes begin to breakdown.

I tried to capture this concept in the picture below:

Here, we have a person who has passed away, and their potential energy is radiating outwards from that point in time thanks to the constant motion of their atoms as they change and morph with their new experience.

In my mind, this energy disturbance is like dropping a pebble into a pond. There are many ripples that might come from this new information, but the movement never actually stops. While the waves on the pond might get smaller and smaller over time, to the point where the pond seems still again, the energy released is actually continuing to move through everything it has every touched. It is a new waveform that affects everything around it, and will very quickly escape the pond and go into the surrounding bank. After all, it’s just atoms vibrating, absorbing, and releasing energy this whole time.

For simplicity’s sake, this energy radiates out at the speed of light. While you may be able to calculate the speed of this energy release within different mediums, the combination of mediums where this energy is going is in my mind, overwhelming. Energy could be radiated as infrared, kinetic, chemical, or some other process that combines with itself over and over again. It’s an infinite expansion in all directions at the speed of information.

Now, back to you. Your loved one is gone and there is no consoling at this point. The days and nights blur together, but eventually you do get some sleep, you return to work, you try to take part in things that were once fun. Whatever form of recovery you are in, it takes a long time. Whether it is days, weeks, months, years, or forever, that is okay and nothing anyone can say should ever change that.

Fast forward with me to your own deathbed. Your loved one from above has been gone for decades (22 years in our scenario), and you hope that you can once again see them on the other side as your time draws near. Let’s skip again and say that you yourself, are actually now dead. You’re gone. Now what?

Well, lets take the same principle that we applied earlier to your loved one. You yourself are a large store of potential energy, and with your death begin to radiate out at the speed of light. Another ripple in the pond.

In our scenario, the delta between your own death and your loved one’s death prior is 22 years. That seems like a long time to be away from the one you loved but you’re not actually that far away from being with them again.

The diagram above shows the original loved one’s time of death, as well as your own time of death. Each circle represents the potential energy of yourself or the loved one, radiating out overtime at the speed of light in all three dimensions. This sphere of radiation continues to grow the longer it has been, since the energy medium knows no bounds and is constantly influencing the atoms around it. When in vacuum of space, the energy could be light or heat, continuing to emanate out from it’s destination.

So now we’re at a point where both you and the loved one have passed. The amazing thing about this concept I’ve outlined, is that eventually you will be reunited with your loved one once again. The thing that makes this work is the concept of area: more specifically, area within a circle or sphere. In the diagram above, no matter the time delta between them both, as their sphere of influence continues to expand at the speed of light, the more overlap they have within their own circles.

You start at maybe 10% overlap of both ripples in the pond. as the circles continue to both get bigger, you get to 50% overlap, 75% overlap, 90% overlap, and escalating to 99.999% overlap. Let’s check a diagram below as you start as both your energies are radiating in the pond:

In the years to come, your energies begin to overlap as the original delta between your deaths begins to dwindle.

Finally, your overlap is so great after a certain amount of time that the circles begin to merge as one.

The number of years that pass by is irrelevant, because eventually the circles that you both form in your death will become so similar, they might just look like the same circle in the end.

At the point, both of your energies have nearly melded into one. Your energy circles take up over 99.9999% of the same volume of space. While your loved one may have left 22 years before you did, on the grand scale of time and space, your potential energy dispersion has merged into “one”. You radiate the same things, you encounter the same things, and you’ve also seen the same things. Your circles are asymptotically merging into one unified circle at the speed of light.

Eventually an outside observer cannot distinguish between the circle of your prior loved one and yourself, given how long it has been and how large the circles have grown since. As time stretches into infinity, you merge into a single circle as the amount of area you both cover continues to add 9’s to it’s decimal point. You and your loved one look like a single unified circle to an outside observer after enough time. You are united once again.

At what point are you whole? At one point are you one again? Your energies have united in this front, and while death seemed to keep you apart, it actually was able to bring you closer together as time moves on. You are once again united with your loved one in death, versus when you were alive all you might have wanted was to bring that person back.

This death unites us all. We all embark on this same journey, with the same end, and the continued progress of time eventually unites everyone under this morbid reality. It is not like any of us chose to be brought into life, but it is one we all must face as we contemplate our own reality. I wish you farewell and good luck on your current adventure – knowing that we as strangers, lovers, family, or anything else will be united in death in the far future once again.