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  • Mouse click and drag to shine flash light
  • WASD keys to move around

* Note that the if the guards find you they will simply stop and do nothing from that point forward. The cameras will alert the guards to your position.

This was going to be an awesome raycast-based shadow/spy game. It was going to involve you sneaking around levels, evading the guards and cameras to steal some jewels/whatever.


  • A* Pathfinding for AI guards. Guards patrol their path and only deviate when an alert is raised
  • Raycasting for lights. All flashlights/cameras have a field of view that is shown to the player
  • Tile based collision detection

What you don’t see:

  • Any kind of polished menus or levels
  • The ‘shadow’ is supposed to be 100% back, so you have to use your flashlight to navigate around the level. I just didnt feel like changing the alpha level for the version i uploaded, so you could see everything better.
  • Different levels of guards/dogs/cameras. This is there, just not shown in the demo above
  • This was going to involve guns too, since I have the raycasting already done. 100% there, just not in this demo