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  • A – Preload
  • S – Scrub
  • D – Brake Tap
  • Up – Gas
  • Down – Brake
  • Left – Lean Back
  • Right – Lean Forward


This was going to be the king of all side scrolling motocross games, and it is unfortunate that I went off to college and never really got to finish it.


  • Dynamic deformable terrain, so when you ride over it or have a hard landing it deforms slightly.
  • Four types of terrain: Mud, Dirt, Sand, and Dry all have their own unique characteristics to ride on
  • Smart AI rider(s) who is configured via the track editor (more on that later)
  • Realistic ‘gate drop’ for starting the race
  • Realistic physics based gameplay. Everything is physics based, the engine, the tire spinning to create friction against the ground to propel yourself forward, ragdolls, collision detection and resolution, the whole nine yards. All done via those lovely physics equations you love.

What you dont see:

  • A separate Track Editor to create, save, and load previous tracks. Also comes with an AI trainer, so you can create your track and then train the AI to do certain jumps, rhythms, or option lines to compete with you. This is 100% complete.
  • Any kind of menu, not at all complete
  • Leaderboards, never started
  • 2 Player split screen racing. YES! Two players on the same keyboard can compete side by side. This is really cool, it looks like the above demo but doubled. 100% complete