Phone cases now available!

After many requests and custom order, I am now happy to add a new product to my store!

The Shop now supports tablet and mobile phone cases, with help from I have had enough requests for a custom, high quality phone case and while I have tried many different vendors, I think the cases from Skin It look and feel the best.

If you head over to the product page for cases, you will notice that the page is set up a bit differently than all the others. My issue is two-fold:

  • I need to support all the variations of possible mobile or tablet cases.
  • I need to support all variations of designs

This is not a very easy thing to do within the shop plugin for my website, as I would have to (currently) generate and manage 220 different combinations of design and phone case. This is the only way I have found in order to set both the variable phone case price (because not all cases are created equal), and the photo to be displayed. Instead I generated the iterations of types of cases, which is a much more manageable 20, and allow the end user to pick the design.

My hope is that anyone willing to buy a phone or tablet case is also willing to do a bit of poking around my site and determine what kind of design they would like on their case. Don’t see your phone? I am happy to accommodate if you send me a note and the design you would like.

Overall it makes me very happy to support cases, and hopefully it allows for a greater variety for those folks who are not interesting in hanging some art on their wall.