The Thanksgiveaway

With all of this holiday cheer, why not give something back?

turkey clipart

I have decided on a number of things that I would like to try to learn more about, considering my website, my artwork, and my overall mission of spreading joy, happiness, and making a small difference in the world we live in. Let’s get to – The Thanksgiveaway.

So what is a Thanksgiveaway? Well the short version is that for anyone who actually reads this, and you want something for free, you just have to use the coupon codes supplied within this post to grab something you like from my store. That’s it. No shipping fees, no processing, nothing. As the orders come in I will fill them, personally sign them (if you are buying a phone case I can sign the inside if you want), and send them off to you. No questions asked.

So what’s the catch? Well, obviously you have to actually use my store and purchase something – everything runs through PayPal so you should be good there. I am also requiring you to be in the US and a non-family member (you guys know who you are!).  I honestly have never done anything like this before and its going to cost me some good money, but I hope it puts a smile on someone’s face.

Why do this Madison? Well, I would like to actually run some real purchases through my site, I have done many by myself with my own cards, but would be interested in knowing how it works from an outsider. I also am unsure of the traffic on the site, and I presume the readership on these posts are fairly low but I think it would be nice to stumble across this and go “Oh wow, no way!”. It’s like playing the lottery except all you have to do is pick a piece of art you like and what you would like it on and you win.  That sounds pretty sweet to me.

Enough procrastination, here are the codes:

Tapestry (1 use): mbtapestry

Giclee print (3 use): mbgiclee

Poster (5 use): mbposter

Phone case (3 use): mbcase

Note that I reserve the right to cancel any order I deem gaming the system, or violates the conditions I have set forth for this giveaway. I don’t want to have to cancel this, it’s me giving away free stuff – what is not to like about it? Go spend some time with your family and friends – all of this expires at the end of November.

For those following through with this… you must apply the coupon on the Cart page (it says view cart at the bottom of the slide out).

view cart

From there, apply the coupon.