Random thoughts and a 2 month sale

This year I will be attending both Bonnaroo and Electric Forest festivals, and I thought I would spread some love and offer a 25% off discount for anyone interested in buying something from my site through July 31st. If you also would like a bit of food for thought on my artwork and trying to live a happy life, then read on…

The Sale:

I am really excited about going to both of these festivals actually! Bonnaroo is going to be first up, which this year is running June 11th through the 14th. After that in a couple weeks is Electric Forest running June 25th through the 28th. Looking forward to meeting some amazing people and seeing a bunch of my favorite artists.

For both of these events I will be going all out by decorating my campsite with my very own tapestries, rocking a bunch of my awesome t shirts, and of course giving away stickers. All of this would not be possible without an amazing set of people behind me, and some shout outs include Zach from Artist Threads, Jordan from RaveNectar, and Daniel from Jammin On. If you see me (or did see me) feel free to send me a message and who knows what kind of stuff I might throw in for you.

The 25% discount applies only to products available on my site. That is an important distinction since I am not affiliated with any kind of sale/discount from RaveNectar or Artist Threads. The items for sale on my site include posters, giclee prints, and tapestries. I have seen a bunch of these products come through and have always been extremely happy with the quality of them. The 25% off sale through July drops the prices down to the following:

Tapestries – $90
Giclee Prints – $75
Posters – $22.50

The Thoughts:

Ultimately, my goal is not make a living through my artwork, but to spread creativity and inspire others to do great things. I create art because I want to and it makes me happy, not because it pays any bills. I am just a regular guy who has a regular job, has hobbies, and enjoys going out with my friends. I truly believe in the motto “You can’t win if you don’t try,” and I would not be in the position I am today without sticking to that.

I may not be the best artist, have the most time to create art, or always create things everybody likes, but dedication and not being afraid to take a chance can change your life for the better. Live your life a little, have some fun, and take some risks, because you never know where you will end up. If you truly want to be the best in life at something I think these three things will get you there:

1. Find it – You may actually be the best tooth pick carver in the world, or the best telephone poll climber, but if you have never tried the it how do you know you don’t like it? Or could be the best at it?

2. Enjoy it – Ok, you found something you are really good at, but do you actually enjoy doing it? I may be the best free hand straight line drawer in the world, but do I want to do it as a hobby or beyond? Probably not.

3. Do it – Now you found something you are good at and enjoy, but do you actually have time to perfect it? You may love writing poems but do you actually have the time to practice and become the best at it?

I think those three things are the keys to being the best at something, and I truly believe everyone in the world could be the best at something. The question is do they have the three criteria above to be recognized as a world leader? I look at the superstars of today, whether it be sports, music, acting, politics, etc, and I see people who found their niche early and had those three keys to be the best. I personally enjoy so many things, have been decent or pretty good at a bunch of different things, but ultimately do I still enjoy it and do I want to dedicate X amount of time to it? Your favorite musician does, and that is what fulfills their world.

There are so many things to appreciate in life, to do, to experience, and I think if you can fill your life with things that satisfy #1 and #2, and spread what time you have here to satisfy #3, then you are on the right track to living a successful, happy, and beautiful life. Whether you become that superstar, or become the most amazing parent, as long as you are happy and trying to do what you love I think that is the ultimate success.

So cheers to spreading positive energy, and if everyone did this just a little I think collectively we could make the world a better place.