My first tapestry!

I finally found a company that would do custom printed tapestries, so I decided to do a test print to see how they would turn out. I am very happy to say I was not disappointed!

The company is called Jammin On and from what I can tell, they specialize in awesome tie dye work. They also have a custom print shop, and luckily the quality of my artwork once I transfer it to my computer was sufficient enough to be able to print an awesome 5’x4′ tapestry! Here is a pic of me holding my test print below.


You can see I was so excited when I got it that I forgot to turn my tv off! This pic was taken at night in my apartment, so even with poor lighting it was looking great. I am 6′, so hopefully that given you some perspective at how big this thing is. If not, here is another picture of it hanging in my hallway, with a door frame for scale.



I plan on ordering a bunch more and using them to decorate and promote my festival campsite this summer, so if you see me there stop by and say hey. Pretty soon here I will have a new product in my online shop in case anyone would like to order one for themselves.

Big shout out to Murph and Dan from Jammin On for helping me turn this into a reality!