Rehash of an old friend

For something new in the works I realized I needed one extra piece of artwork. My current work in progress is no where near finished, so why not bring back an old friend?

I decided to do another take at this image below:

Untitled, 5/16/13
Untitled, 5/16/13

Obviously I took some better pictures and was originally going to simply tile it so it was up to par with my other re-printable works. Then I realized that because of the nature of the lines, I could actually invert the ‘face’ within and the characteristics are still preserved. I decided against inverting or changing the stream of colors pouring out of the top, just to keep things a bit consistent.

In the end, I ended up with a really crisp image titled ‘They Watch’:


I think it came out pretty well actually, and will serve its purpose just fine! This is a relatively short post simply because the main part of this drawing was already completed. I will put this into my main gallery as well as the store if anyone is interested.