2021 Gallery

A year after covid struck, a year after my indoor mural, what is there to do?

This short blog post is focused around my latest series of instagram posts that are attempting to capture both the catalog of my works, and all of the other trials and tribulations that go into artwork as “more than just a hobby.”

Over on my Instagram page I’ve been trying to capture my art for the past 9-10 years. My goal here is to expose all there is behind the artwork, working across all mediums that I’ve dabbled in over the years. Some of the posts are heartbreaks, like when my computer corrupted a file that I had been working on for 10+ hours, others detail works that are only crafted for my company, and of course many showcase the dedication and hard work across the years to generate something from the creativity that I feel.

I’m never going to be the best artist in the world. Simply because my foci is on too many things running simultaneously at the same time. And even if I down selected purely to artwork, the amount of dedication and talent across the board is a giant mountain to climb to reach that level of peak success.

Instead, I try to appreciate what I have right now. The ability to create artwork on demand. The ability to support my family. The ability to work a job that I enjoy and makes a difference…. Take those three alone and it gets damn close to an amazing life that one can only appreciate and feel lucky about. Everyone is lucky in their own right, and the things I outline here make me happy… I guarantee that will not be the same things that make me happy in 20 years, and I’m sure the same can be said for anyone reading this.

To bring is all back, the things that are making me happy now help translate the depth and repertoire of my work over the years. I think it’s fun to share nearly a decades worth of work, both good, bad, and ugly, to see how you can grow, change and evolve as an artist. I’m not perfect, nor the most amazing artist out there, but I love the feedback and growth that is an enabler for the future.

#mbgallery2021 is the instagram hashtag and gallery for this year – my goal is to showcase everything up through this point in time and across the entire 2021 year. I look forward to the many years of fun artwork to come…. stay tuned.