Electric Forest Love

Electric Forest, you have come and gone already! What an awesome place and I hope to be able to come back next year.

We ended up rolling in late Thursday night and stumbling upon a spot over in Camp Cher. I had a bunch of new tapestries to hang up around the camp site, here is a pick of them once we got all set up.


I actually had four tapestries in total but obviously I didn’t throw them on all on the same side. If anyone has stumbled upon my work thanks to these tapestries feel free to give me a shout out, you never know what you may end up with!

Also ran into yet another person wearing one of my RaveNectar designs! Totally freaking cool, and like everyone I run in to I am happy to give something from my store to you as a token of my appreciation. Here is a pic of us on early Friday morning:


I think I am going to honor that for any other random person I see wearing any of my artwork – if I see you and you reach back out to me then I will give you something from my store for free. I am extremely thankful that someone chose my art out of everything that is out there, so cheers to everyone who already has.

That’s all I have got from Electric Forest! By the way everyone needs to visit the waterpark, its amazing but I would do it on a slow day as it will definitely tire you out for the night.