Bitcoin now accepted! 15% off all bitcoin orders

This is a relatively short post to announce that the Bitcoin checkout was tested and working in my shop!I had just enough bitcoins leftover from my earlier days of trading to actually do a full checkout process with them, and I was pleasantly surprised when everything worked first try! To support the movement, I also am offering 15% off when doing checkouts via Bitcoin. I think the crypto-currency is here to stay, so why not get with the times and start accepting them as real payment?

The details of checkout are pretty simple, although my first time through it was not very clear. Basically when you hit submit, you will get an email stating what you owe and what address to send them to. If you value your anonymity I would suggest something like an anonymous email account that my gmail account can still send and receive with. Otherwise if you are dead serious about anonymity send me an email via PGP and we can work things out. My PGP Key is posted in my Resume section at the moment, but I may need to move it in the future.

After doing the first checkout, I made some of the popups and helping text a little more clear, so hopefully that will be useful to anyone using Bitcoin to check out. That is all for now, back to working on my latest drawing, hopefully it will be done soon 🙂