Shop is live!

Well that went a lot easier than I expected, the Paypal checkout is tested and 100% working! Both digital and giclee canvas prints are available!

I followed this tutorial to get my Woocommerce site up and going, and in actuality it was pretty simple. I just had to set up some Paypal sandbox accounts to do fake transactions between, and sure enough everything flowed through correctly. All of my emails went through, order confirmations, receipts, etc, so I am pretty pleased with the whole process.

Bitcoin checkout is not tested, but I just want to encourage use of it so I am offering a %15 discount on transactions utilizing the digital currency. I believe it is the future, and am happy to support it from here on out! I will test it soon enough for when I have enough coin to actually send payments to myself, but I expect that to go without a hitch. I am relying on personal experience here.

As always, if anyone has any problems checking out I would be glad to field questions/comments/concerns. Everything should go without a hitch, but it is easier said than done. My prices may be a bit volatile once I get some transactions going, considering that I am trying to keep them reasonable while still covering the cost of shipping within the US.

That is it for this post – short, sweet, and to the point.