My first prints have arrived!

Last week I placed my first order for digital prints and a couple giclee canvas prints, and they finally arrived today! I was pretty nervous opening them up, and honestly didn’t really know what to expect.

They look awesome! The digital prints came out really clear, and I only had to make one minor correction to one file in my catalog (honestly no one would notice but me anyways), so overall they look really good and I am really happy with how those turned out. The giclee test prints look amazing, as the richness of color and the quality of the print almost make them look better than when I actually drew them in real life! If you cannot tell I am really happy with everything, and I am pleasantly surprised at how nice everything has come out. Easier than I expected to say the least.

While I have been waiting around for the prints to arrive, I started designing a new logo for my site that I really have come to like. I played around with a lot of different ways to draw this same thing, and in the end I am happy with both how the new logo looks on the computer screen, and how colorful it is when you print it off onto paper. Anyone reading this now will have to wait until next week when I figure out how to integrate it into my site. The logo is not just for my site… but that is a different story.

As of today, I also started populating the Shop with items, currently there are only digital prints available but I need to just take more time to fill all the products in. I also have been working on the paypal side of things trying to get all the merchant stuff squared away so I can take that ugly banner off the top of my site saying “Demo Store”. Yuck. I just need to do some test checkouts via paypal and we will be all set! I figure the bitcoin checkout will rear its ugly head when I actually have a bunch to mess around with, but I am pretty confident that it will be easier than paypal. I also have no idea what I am going to do about potential international customers, because WOW it is expensive to ship large packages overseas. Sorry, US only for now, otherwise contact me and we can figure something out.

So as the new store gets up and live (maybe a week?), I can FINALLY get back to drawing. It has been 6 weeks at least, but with this new system I can create something, and then have it in the store immediately! Pretty cool!