Upcoming store

This is a relatively small post concerning what I have been working on and what is upcoming for the next month.

Unfortunately I have not started any new drawings, but I do have the idea already picked out! What has really been holding me back this month is that I have been waiting to get quality pictures taken of my latest two pieces, so I can begin the process of putting together a store. Those pictures are finally almost here, and so once I get them taken I am then going to get to work on cleaning them up and finalizing them in photoshop for sale.

After I get the product how I like, I am going to contact a local print shop and do some test runs with all six of my designs as posters. The four designs from the RaveNectar t-shirt contest I still have the rights to turn into anything I want (just not t shirts), and I think since they are so big I can easily just crop them down and create a poster out of them.

I think I am going to go with a place called Richmond Camera for all my printing purposes, and I need to call them up and ask what kind of dimensions (pixel-wise) they need to be able to print 18×24″ pieces. So after I get those test prints done and am happy with them, I can then finally put products into the store! I have stated this prior, but I want to sell giclee prints and posters in the size my stuff is drawn in (as of right now), so there will be a bunch of products in store once it goes live.

I plan on accepting paypal and bitcoin, and may be offering a discount to those who wish to use the crypto-currency. Ideally I would like to set my prices up to include shipping, but I am still debating that at this point. I also need to make sure my paypal account is geared up and ready to go, and maybe do some dry runs for checkout purposes. So the timeframe is:

  • 1-2 weeks for the pictures (I always seem to be so busy)
  • 1 week to clean up the images, get everything in the proper dimensions and format (fighting my computer)
  • 1 week for test prints (I have no idea how quick the turn around is)
  • 1 week to put the products into the store and test checkout

So we’re still looking at what, a month away? Once I get this up and running then anything I produce can hop right into the store and be available for purchase! Really cool stuff, and I think it is worth it to get this going before I hop back on the drawing board.

Until next time.