RaveNectar Voting Complete! + Upcoming Shop

So the voting is done, and I finally got the results back! How exactly did I fare against some really tough competition? Also, what on earth is the “Shop” tab for?

I will just cut to the chase, and as it turns out two of my shirts made it in! Awesome! I think the two that most deserved it made it through, so I am happy for those designs 🙂

Multiversal made it in:

Multiversal 12/16/13
Multiversal 12/16/13

As well as Immiscible Colors:

Immiscible Colors 12/16/13
Immiscible Colors 12/16/13

So a big Thank You! to everyone who helped support me and who voted for my designs! As far as I know, they are being sent off to the manufacturer and will be available to the public (and me) in a couple of months. The other two designs that just fell short you can check out here.

This leads me into my next steps, which are going to be trying to set up an e-commerce store on this website. You will notice on the right next to my “Blog” tab there is now a Shop tab, which I am going to be working on off and on until I actually have something to sell. I am going to get really nice high res pics of My Cardinal Home and the new drawing I am working on within a couple weeks, so hopefully I will have at least two items in the store that you will be able to view and if your are so inclined to purchase.

My goal is to have prints available in both cheap posters (like you would put up on a college dorm wall) and really nice Giclee canvas prints that you would have framed or mounted however you wish. All I am waiting for is the high res images so I can do the final touch ups and do some test prints at the local shop I found. For the giclee prints I am also going to try and do some kind of authenticity document which I feel like is a nice touch to some of the works I have purchased over time.

In conclusion like I said, at least two things in the store (maybe two more if I can use the designs that didn’t make it through, I will have to check), and hopefully a decent enough shopping experience so that some one some where can figure out how to buy something if they want to. That’s all I got for now, and again thanks to everyone for the votes!

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